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Announcement: Final Fantasy Charity Stream

25 Mar

Just a quick Second blog post for today, I’m just writing quickly to announce that I am going to be running a 5 day charity stream, playing yes you guessed it, Final Fantasy!


Charity Stream Banner

More details are to come, but the plan is to Play 3 Final Fantasy games over 5 days, these games will be:

  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2

All this will be done to raise money for Cancer Research UK, A Charity that hunts for a cure for Cancer. It will run from 9AM to 12AM GMT every day.

Sorry I can’t give more details, but for updates, follow me on Twitter or Follow the Facebook Event Page

Until Next Time, Keep Playing, I leave you with a random image of Yuna :3



Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Comparison Images and Views

24 Mar

It been quite a while since I last posted, I know, but your in a bit of a treat today! Fresh out of Friday’s announcement and PAX East, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is announced, and even has a trailer ‘well in German anyway’. for people who missed it, here the trailer:



Now, the reason I am posting today is to compare the differences between the PS2 version and the HD Trailer released today, So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Our first image compares a section of the famous lake scene, it shows Yuna crying in the lake.


Yuna HD Side by Side

The big different here is the tear she shedding, you can in fact see the tear, she crying. while seeable in the PS2 version it nothing compared to the HD Version. The lighting has been given quite a upgrade here too, with the scene being much darker ‘the way it should be,’ and Yuna having so many more shadows on her. Water has much more shine, the trees are much more detailed and Yuna’s accessories look much more detailed, just to name a few of the other updates.  overall looking great compared to the PS2 version.

Next, it time to go onto that boat to Luca:


Boat Scene Side by Side

Again, the lighting difference is very noticeable here, but this time the scene is now much brighter than before. Yuna’s model is also now much thinner, the stars are looking pretty awesome in HD too. Sadly on the other hand, this scene have seemed to have a switch from using Higher poly models to lower ones. It a shame really, the better high poly models could of really blossomed here.


Next, it that famous opening scene:


Opening Side by Side 2

Again, a noticeable lighting different can be seen here, that fire looking sexy too. This scene however have been tweaked from the original game. This shot was taken so that Tidus is at the same point in both shots, in the PS2 shot, the weapons cannot be seen. so for this one, I did another shot to show the difference in the weapons!

Opening Side by Side 

Tidus’s weapon looks so much better now compared to the PS2 version, the water inside even moves on the PS3 Version ‘look at the trailer to see what I mean.’

Next, back to the lake, but this time let’s compare Tidus


Tidus Side by Side

Looking pretty good I say, Tidus’s hair looks much more real now compared to the PS2. Once again the lighting has been upgraded, and it looking much better than before. Tidus has more detail to his face now as well.

Finally, one more Yuna compare, because I’m such a Yuna fanboy :3:


Yuna Sunset Side by Side 

One simple thing to say here… that sunset!

I got to say, Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is looking to be quite a upgrade, with it having much more than just a new coat of paint. It gets better, Final Fantasy X-2 is also getting the HD Treatment, and will be bundled with Final Fantasy X on one disc on PS3 as Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. Sadly for you Portable fans you will have to buy each game on it own on Vita. Finally, both versions will be the International version, with Final Fantasy X International never seeing US Shores, and Final Fantasy X-2 International never seeing Western Shores, this is a must buy for Final Fantasy X Fans!

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster on PS3 as well as Final Fantasy X HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster on Vita will be released some time in 2013. Final Fantasy Fans will soon be able to once again experience the wonderful world of Spira, and experience the beautiful Love Story of the Blitzball Player Tidus, and the Young Summoner Yuna. This time experienceing the story in full glorious HD!

For more updates on Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, as well as anything I get up to, follow me on Twitter. Until next time, this is Steven, signing out, I leave you with screens released on the Website on Friday









Top one is PS2, Bottom one is PS3/Vita

Character Discussion: The Crazy Girl Known as Yuno Gasai

9 Mar

If you don’t recognize this character, then you never watched a good anime, joking aside I decided to use my first character discussion post to talk about Yuno Gasai from the anime Mirai Nikki (or Future Diary in English). I note that I am going to be talking about the early stages of the anime, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, look away now.

Now the warning out of the way, Yuno is a 14 year old high school student, she attends the same school as Yuki, the main character in the anime. The anime set her out to be a prefect, innocent high school student, who just hang out with friends like any other high school girl would. during the first episode of the anime, Yuki is being chased by a serial murderer (yep, serial murderers in the first episode) and Yuno finds him and helps him run away from the murderer, at the end of the episode she kills the murderer with him.

Before I carry on with this, I need to explain the anime a bit, Mirai Nikki is a anime about 12 people being caught in a survival game, with the last one standing becoming God of the Universe. Each of the 12 players each hold a Future Diary, a object that can read into the future, but each character can only see a certain part of the future. For example, one of the future diary’s goes into the future to find a escape route, another will go into a future to solve crime and so on.

The reason Yuno was able to lead Yuki out and away from the killer was due to her Future Diary, Yukiteru Diary, which pretty much allow her to see into the future and tell what Yuki doing, anytime of the day. Rather creepy huh, after that, Yuki decides that it would be best to keep Yuno close.

As the episodes go on, you find out about a rather weaid, and VERY creepy side to her, at the end of the second episode, Yuki walks into a room in her house, to find, yep, DEAD BODIES!! From this second on, the true colors of Yuno comes out, a 14 year old girl that would do anything to be by Yuki’s side, even killing people, alot of people.

Why you ask that I talk about this character, well I’m here to say why I like her as a character. Now trust me when I say that her creepy side is creepy, but her personally is really interesting. Because after all, she is just a high school student who’s in love with somebody, and at the end of the day, she just wants to be by Yuki’s side. She just goes by it in the wrong way, but love can do that, even from my personal experience I done some weaid things for love, trust me. Still, her creepy side is very creepy, but I think that helps with the mysterious side of her character, the side that the viewer is trying to learn in the course of watching the anime.

Yuno is also a very popular character on the internet, seriously she very much one of the more recognizable anime characters. She even has her own internet meme, yep that right, she even has a internet meme due to a very famous ‘and rather scary’ image that get broadcasted alot over the net. Known as the Yandere trance, her face is changed to look like other anime or even game characters, pointless to my post, but a interesting fact non of the less.

I think I’ll leave it at that for today, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the cute yet creepy Yuno. You should give Mirai Nikki a watch if you get the time, it a great thiller anime with a interesting romance story on the side. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Subscribe to my blog for more posts on Anime, as well as Games, my journey to become a Games Designer and much more! Today I’ll leave you with a video, the first opening theme for the anime, it GREAT, and it fits the anime very well. Until next time, be careful where you walk, there might just be a Yuno following you ready to kill you once and for all.

What Inspires me to be a Games Designer

7 Mar

So, I sit here listening to gaming music, did you know I been playing games since 4 years old? I loved running around as sonic jumping on them mean robots as I use to say, My first system was a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Gold. I use to remember moaning and crying to my older brother to help me get through this gym or this cave on it, to this day I still not finished Pokemon Gold (I have finished HeartGold).

Less on the memories, I wanted to talk about the main target in my life, being a games designer, I am currently in my second year of a Games Design Degree at South Essex College, Southend. I want to develop games one day, mostly RPG’s which has a close place in my heart for many reasons, but I would love to make any game, the reason being that I think Games are a very unique media.

Now, lets get this out of the way, Gamers are not Gamers! Do we call people who like movies Movie Watchers? do we call people who read book Readers? So why should we be called Gamers, so in this article, I’m calling Gamers ‘People who Play Games’. Now we got that out of the way, Games are a very unique media, you don’t just feel the characters feelings, but you become the character. You, The person who likes games control the player, decides on what the player does during the course of the game. This in turn allows the player to become more emotionally attached to the character.

That comes to the point, why do I want to become a Designer? There one simple answer for me, I want to inspire people to make games, I want people to see that games can be such a creative media, and that anybody, any age, sex, race, and ability can access and enjoy games. Nothing should stop you if you truly want to make a game, there are great tools out there, CryEngine, Unity, RPG Maker just to name a few. I enjoy playing games, and I want to make games, so that people can experience just how creative games truly are, games are a unique media, a very inspirational media, and a media that not limited to companies with a wod of cash, just look at Minecraft.

When I switched on Tomb Raider last night, escaping that cave, looking for food and hunting down items as i fear for the next wolf to creep out of that bush next to me! The fear and the sadness I felt when Lara shot that guy down, as she cried for the man’s death (one that almost killed her mere moments ago) I felt her pain and emotion. This is what I mean by you becoming the character when playing a video game

Another example of a game that hit you hard was Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, now you may think that this is a spoiler, but it in all reviews, in most of the trailer, heck it even in the description on the back of the case. Anyway, the death of Oliver’s Mum (or Mom if your in America) in the first hour of the game is heart-breaking, if you played the game, and didn’t feel the sheer horror and grief that Oliver was feeling in that moment then I don’t know. That was one of the saddest moments I seen in a game almost since Final Fantasy X ending. That moment was done so well by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, and I got to say that Ni No Kuni so far has been the best JRPG I played this generation without a doubt, seeming that other JRPG Franchises have been so disappointing this generation.

Now you may ask why I went on about these two games, well 1 was that I was showing why I think this year going to be great for games! Their another reason as well, these are just 2 recent examples of how you can become the character, and truly feel the emotions of a character. Wherever it’s the fright and fear of trying to survive in the wild as Tomb Raider showed, or Sadness, Greif and sheer adventure that Ni No Kuni gives. Games are just such a unique media that gives feelings that no other form of media could give. YOU, the player control the choices and journey of the main character, in these two examples Lara and Oliver. A Book, or a Film can only dream of doing this, only games can give you the feeling of becoming the character. I want to be able to give players this feeling one day, tell a great story about a character’s great adventure, or their fight for survival, I love how games do this, and I want to be a part of it. This is why I want to design games, and this is why I want to get into the world of games design.

I think that enough for today, I am sorry if I went off topic a little, but I wanted to show how games are unique, and how games can make you feel, as showing that explains my aims and reasoning for becoming a designer. Be sure to follow me on twitter at  for updates on my work, university and much more! Subscribe to this blog to hear more of my journey to become a game designer, as well as my views on subjects such as games, anime, films and much more!

Testing Posting

1 Mar

hello, just testing how this will work, going to upload a random Anime image as well to be random and check xDD