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E3: Square Enix are BACK With a Bang!

12 Jun

E3 is just closing up right now, people have enjoyed the show, and Next Gen are looking fantastic. Out of all the triple A developers, there was one that out-shined, the underdogs who fans were hoping, dreaming for maybe Versus XIII news, but was thinking it was an outside hope. They arrived at the Sony conference, and we was like “Final Fant………. wait…… VERSUS!” The fans were going mad, seeing 3 and a half minutes of footage which even had gameplay. Then…. well, we got the biggest shock, I would even say it was the biggest shock of E3. A trailer, Sora looking sexy, then the logo appeared, “ooo nice kingdom hea……… HOLY SHIT KINGDOM HEARTS III AGGGHHHH FHJHGGJ.”

After all these years, Square Enix arrived and took the show, in style, after a terrible generation, Square Enix are back with a bang. Yes you did just hear that, Square Enix are finally back to them awesome self after being ill for over 6 years. It great to see the company taking E3 by storm, these surprises, shocks, Fans are proud to be Square Enix fans again. I am currently so proud to be a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fan, these games look great, Final Fantasy Versus……. errr, I mean it new name, Final Fantasy XV looks fantastic, showing what JRPG’s needed, change.

I am going to leave it like this for today, I’ll leave the trailers below in case you been sleeping under a rock this week! I’ll leave a few images as well, including one that sums up my view on PS4 vs Xbox One.