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Anime Review: Another

16 Mar


Since watching the show Mirai Nikki last year, Thriller has since been a genre of great interest for myself, so when a friend from Dissidia Forums told me about Another, I was immediately interested to see what the show was like, and if it could live up to the scope Mirai Nikki has set for me. After finishing the show last night in one sitting, you will be pleased to hear that it was not far from reaching this scope.

  • Anime: Another
  • Aired: Winter 2012
  • Length: 12 30 Minute Episodes
  • Genre: School, Thriller, Horror

Another follows a student called Kouichi Sasakibara who has just moved from Tokyo, and is about to join Yomiyama Middle School when he suddenly fall ill after joining the school, he meets a mysterious student called Mei Misaki. After meeting her, strange events starts to happen in class 3-3 and everybody starts to panic, Kouichi then discovers that Class 3-3 has been cursed for over 25 years, the anime shows the class struggle to try and lift this curse after events start to unfold. The show sets out to be a mixture of Thriller and horror at the same time, jumps and scares are more common than your normal thriller. The story is a great one, with many twists, and during the entire time, I was only able to pre-predict one twist in the story, other than that, every other plot twist that the story had to offer generally surprised me. and this is the way thrillers should be, the only minor issue I had with the story was the slow introduction of the curse, it took almost half the show to finally get the curse explained, but other than this, the studio had a great plot on their hands.


Characters were another strong point Another had (haha, that unintended pun tho!) The lead characters were strongly developed, had a flushed out backstory behind each of them, and were designed (even more with Mei) with great detail. Looking at each of the two main characters, Kouichi really had that aura of ‘I need to know’ behind him, always asking questions, and always looking to find out the true mystery around Mei, and why the others didn’t even seem to think she was even in the class. While Mei really shined as the girl of mystery, and the design choice of giving her a Eye patch really helped, along with the design choice of giving her a paler skin color. The way she spoke gave her that extra bit of mystery as well, the soft and to the point tone of her lines made her truly look like a strange character, even right at the end of the show, not much was known of Mei and her past, and this was better left the way it was.

Side characters were surprisingly detailed as well, smaller characters like say, the rest of Class 3-3 really had some story behind them, they were not left as the ‘oh, there’s a rest of the class too’ kind of situation. Each student within the class had a basic back story behind them, with family, and each class member had their own personally. This isn’t something you see that often for characters that may get, say, 10-20 lines across the entire show, but this was a good move to at least, have the entire class of 3-3 have their own personally.


Music was, sadly, one of the weaker points of the show, with it’s soundtrack only containing 13 tracks, don’t expect to be listening to a wide range of music, to be honest, you will be hearing the same tracks quite a few times over the course of the show. However, the soundtrack  composed by Kow Otani does some good pieces that can be listened to again, Track 07 is for me, the standout track in the 13 track OST the show has to offer. The song tends to play when Mei is telling Kouichi something about her or her past. The calm smoothing tone of track 07 does really stand out from what is otherwise, a pretty standard Horror soundtrack.


Finally, a quick look at the voice cast, Mei was voiced by Takamor Natsumi while Kouichi was voiced by Abe Atsuhi. Kouichi has a calm yet collective voice to him, while Mei has that mysterious and slightly sharp voice. With Mei this works really well, while Kouichi also has a voice that fits in well, but it’s nothing ground breaking, still, the entire voice cast done a great job of giving the characters, each and everyone of them the personally they need.

Overall, Another is a great show that is helped by it’s great storytelling as well as it’s strong cast of characters. If you are looking for an anime with the thrills and spills you need from  the genre then you come to the right place. With it being a 12 episode anime as well, you, like me, can very well sit down and watch in an evening, just be ready for a soundtrack where you might be hearing the same tracks over and over, as 13 tracks for a 6 hour show just isn’t enough.


  • Storytelling: 8
  • Characters: 9
  • Music: 6
  • Voice Acting: 8
  • Overall: 31/40

Character Discussion: The Crazy Girl Known as Yuno Gasai

9 Mar

If you don’t recognize this character, then you never watched a good anime, joking aside I decided to use my first character discussion post to talk about Yuno Gasai from the anime Mirai Nikki (or Future Diary in English). I note that I am going to be talking about the early stages of the anime, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, look away now.

Now the warning out of the way, Yuno is a 14 year old high school student, she attends the same school as Yuki, the main character in the anime. The anime set her out to be a prefect, innocent high school student, who just hang out with friends like any other high school girl would. during the first episode of the anime, Yuki is being chased by a serial murderer (yep, serial murderers in the first episode) and Yuno finds him and helps him run away from the murderer, at the end of the episode she kills the murderer with him.

Before I carry on with this, I need to explain the anime a bit, Mirai Nikki is a anime about 12 people being caught in a survival game, with the last one standing becoming God of the Universe. Each of the 12 players each hold a Future Diary, a object that can read into the future, but each character can only see a certain part of the future. For example, one of the future diary’s goes into the future to find a escape route, another will go into a future to solve crime and so on.

The reason Yuno was able to lead Yuki out and away from the killer was due to her Future Diary, Yukiteru Diary, which pretty much allow her to see into the future and tell what Yuki doing, anytime of the day. Rather creepy huh, after that, Yuki decides that it would be best to keep Yuno close.

As the episodes go on, you find out about a rather weaid, and VERY creepy side to her, at the end of the second episode, Yuki walks into a room in her house, to find, yep, DEAD BODIES!! From this second on, the true colors of Yuno comes out, a 14 year old girl that would do anything to be by Yuki’s side, even killing people, alot of people.

Why you ask that I talk about this character, well I’m here to say why I like her as a character. Now trust me when I say that her creepy side is creepy, but her personally is really interesting. Because after all, she is just a high school student who’s in love with somebody, and at the end of the day, she just wants to be by Yuki’s side. She just goes by it in the wrong way, but love can do that, even from my personal experience I done some weaid things for love, trust me. Still, her creepy side is very creepy, but I think that helps with the mysterious side of her character, the side that the viewer is trying to learn in the course of watching the anime.

Yuno is also a very popular character on the internet, seriously she very much one of the more recognizable anime characters. She even has her own internet meme, yep that right, she even has a internet meme due to a very famous ‘and rather scary’ image that get broadcasted alot over the net. Known as the Yandere trance, her face is changed to look like other anime or even game characters, pointless to my post, but a interesting fact non of the less.

I think I’ll leave it at that for today, I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the cute yet creepy Yuno. You should give Mirai Nikki a watch if you get the time, it a great thiller anime with a interesting romance story on the side. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Subscribe to my blog for more posts on Anime, as well as Games, my journey to become a Games Designer and much more! Today I’ll leave you with a video, the first opening theme for the anime, it GREAT, and it fits the anime very well. Until next time, be careful where you walk, there might just be a Yuno following you ready to kill you once and for all.